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CBD is a debated topic in the medical world.

Both ingestible and topical CBDs are becoming mainstream products – more patients are asking about them, and more medical professionals are listening to their requests.

However, the quick rise of the CBD market has led to an oversaturation of ineffective placebo products – ones that claim to relieve discomfort but only provide surface-level relief.

For the casual consumer, this is not a deterrent, but for a medical professional, this may have caused you to become skeptical of their use. If you’re on the edge about incorporating them into your practice, learn more about how a medically-proven topical CBD like PHYTO-ZOL can effectively improve your patient treatment.

What are CBD Topicals?
As a whole, CBD products are split into two categories – ingestible CBDs and topical CBDs. Ingestible CBDs typically come as oils or pills and are processed through the bloodstream for widespread bodily relief. Topical CBD products are offered as creams, gels, or patches, and are absorbed through the skin to relieve a specific source of pain. For a medical professional, the use of a topical CBD is the recommended choice to manage joint and muscle discomfort. This category of CBD products offers more localized discomfort relief by targeting affected areas through skin penetration. This absorption method does not travel into the bloodstream at all, making topicals much less likely to interact with other medications where ingestible CBDs might. Especially for older patients, drug interactions can be dangerous; the use of a topical CBD over ingestible methods of pain relief can minimize that risk.

How PHYTO-ZOL Stands Out.
PHYTO-ZOL is different from other CBD topicals on the market and holds its own as the medically-developed, scientifically-proven choice. The CBD particles in PHYTO-ZOL are micro-encapsulated, designed to keep large clusters of CBD from forming and allowing the CBD to better work with PHYTO-ZOL’s locally enhanced transdermal serum technology to best reach the source of discomfort. Our fragrance-free, water-based formula encourages maximum skin penetration and is less irritating and volatile to the skin compared to other topicals. When choosing a topical CBD for your patients, these should all be factors you take into consideration.

How Can They Be Incorporated Into Practice?
Prescribing patients with a topical CBD serum such as PHYTO-ZOL can help ease the recovery process and bridge the gap between discomfort and full rehabilitation. There are many ways to do this, but we recommend following these medical best-practices of doctors who have successfully treated patients with PHYTO-ZOL.

Author: Dr. Jeffrey Tucker