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​Our Class IV Cube Hight Powered Laser is clinically-proven adjacent therapy modality widely used in clinical practice for managing pain and inflammation.

Research Results from Class 4 Laser Therapy Show

  • Injuries treated with laser therapy heal faster with less scar tissue
  • Laser Therapy has a strengthening effect on tissue repair
  • Laser Therapy improves blood circulation & lymphatic drainage
  • It is an effective means of relief for many pain syndromes
  • It can improve immune response from 50 200%
  • Laser Therapy naturally and effective reduces inflammation, relieves pain, and supports healing on a cellular level.

What Is Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a medical treatment that uses focused light to stimulate a process called photobiomodulation (PBM). During PBM, photons enter the tissue and interact with the cytochrome c complex within mitochondria. This interaction triggers a biological cascade of events that leads to an increase in cellular metabolism, decrease in pain, reduction in muscle spasm, and improved microcirculation to injured tissue. This treatment is FDA cleared and provides patients a non-invasive, non-pharmacological alternative for pain relief.

How Laser Therapy Works

Laser therapy works by stimulating a process called photobiomodulation (PBM) in which photons enter the tissue and interact with the Cytochrome C complex within mitochondria. To receive the best therapeutic outcomes from laser therapy, a sufficient amount of light must reach the target tissue. Factors that maximize reaching target tissue include:

  • Light Wavelength
  • Reducing Reflections
  • Minimizing Unwanted Absorption
  • Power
Angiogenesis & Neovascularization

An increase in oxygenated blood to the injured tissue accelerates tissue healing.

Collagen Production

Proper alignment and remodeling of collagen reduces internal scar formation and enhances tissue elasticity.

Muscle Regeneration & Muscle Atrophy

Repair of damaged muscle fibers and activation of myogenic satelite cells leads to regeneration of muscle tissue.

Inflamation & Edema

Increase in inflammatory mediators such as macrophages, netrophils and lymphocytes accelerates and resolves the inflammatory process.

Nerve Regeneration

Proliferation of growth factors promotes neuronal sprouting and myelin formation for optional nerve recovery.

Cartilage Production

Increase in chondrocyte and collagen production allows for improved cartilage deposition and joint function.

Bone Formation

Proliferation of osteocytes and remodeling of bone extracellular matrix results in accelerated bone repair.

K-Laser CUBE: Dynamic Therapy

CUBE technology allows optimal effect through the unique ability to use and modulate several pulse frequencies as well as adapt to influencing factors specific to the patient such as skin color and level of chronicity of injury. We call this Dynamic Therapy.

Graphically-intuitive and Customizable CUBE Therapy

CUBE allows adjustment of energy delivered depending on the factors involved, thanks to selected menus that are graphically intuitive. Increased power and the wavelengths available play a crucial role in the success of the laser therapy.

Different Treatments Adapted to Level of Pain

According to the kind of pain experienced by the patient, CUBE makes it possible to select specific treatments.

Adjustable for All Skin Phototypes

CUBE, besides analysing body morphology and the types of tissues, also takes into account another crucial factor for our skin: melanin. Thanks to its innovative parameters, CUBE recognises the skin’s six phototypes, taking into account every pre-set protocol variant.

Tissue-adapted Parameter Settings

Every CUBE protocol consists of a dynamic parameter setting, to be chosen according to the different types of tissues.

K-Laser CUBE: Dynamic Therapy

CUBE technology allows optimal effect through the unique ability to use and modulate several pulse frequencies as well as adapt to influencing factors specific to the patient such as skin color and level of chronicity of injury. We call this Dynamic Therapy.

Therapeutic Effects of Laser Light & Biostimulation

Biostimulation is the ability to stimulate and promote tissue growth and repair at the cellular level. The wavelengths of laser light are mainly absorbed by the chromophores, molecules located inside cells able to convert laser light. The products of this process are indispensable substances for the repair, growth and proliferation of cells. Using the appropriate wavelength, the maximum therapeutic effect on the target tissue can be achieved.

Depending on the modulation of the wavelength and on the different parameters set, different effects can be achieved:

Anti-Inflammatory Effect

Inflammation is necessary for healing. The challenge for the clinician is to control this acute inflammatory stage in order to allow the next stage of healing. The HPL units effectively modulate the inflammatory processes secondary to their deep stimulation of tissues.

This deep stimulation triggers vasodilatation and increased oxygenation, which activates the main metabolic activities and resolves the inflammatory process quicker.

Regenerative Effect

The described acceleration of healing processes primarily manifests in the form of fibroblast activation. The actual cascade of healing is fueled by increased ATP synthesis and increased protein synthesis combined with cellular proliferation. Because of the non-thermal nature of this activation, only small amounts of laser energy are required.

The attenuation of the laser light in the tissue depends on the localization of the lesion and determines the laser power required. Deeper structures such as tendons or joint capsules may require the application of higher doses to the surface.

Analgesic Effect – Laser Light Converting Into Heat

Laser light is absorbed and partly scattered in the target tissue and thereby largely converted into heat. This thermal stimulus to the nociceptors of the skin affects the peripheral neurological tract and polarizes the neurons important for our pain perception.

This polarization activates the neural and humoral endorphinergic pain inhibition system with immediate pain relief as a result.

Features & Benefits

Protocol selection by size, body part, skin tone, pain and chronicity level automatically adjust output treatment parameters for increased safety and effectiveness.

  • Deep tissue penetration with power up to 15W continuous
  • Increase power up to 20W with Intense Super Pulse (ISP) Mode
  • Exclusive Technology: Intense Super Pulse (ISP) Mode with increased power up to 20W – ISP Mode ranges from 1-20,000 Hz to prevent tissue adaptation
  • Optimal tissue absorption due to the CUBE wavelengths (660nm, 800nm, 905nm, 970nm) that can be emitted simultaneously or individually*
  • Quick Release Technology (QRT) for rapid switching of accessory tips
  • Optical Zoom 1 to 5cm² for better energy density control
  • USB or Wifi for quick export of data history
  • Compact, light and easy to transport
  • Built in Lithium Ion battery provides up to 75 minutes of treatment time
  • Solid-state diode module, reducing heat and ensuring a stable laser emission

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